Saturday, August 20, 2011

Spend Time With My Ashleys.

Hye guys....Jeng3.. Don't Miss-understanding yeahh! Ashley is the title of book that I have read. On Semester break I have spend time to read the Ashley's Book. It is written by Melissa De La Cruz. This book is very interesting especially for teenagers like me~ Ahaa.......!

Only gurl teenagers Ok? Boy's are not suitable to read this book becoz most of the story is tell about life of gurl teenagers like shopping, loving, friendship, glamorous, etc..... That's y boys are not suitable to read this book but............ I can't hinder you, if you really-really want to read this book!

This book is about 4 teenagers gurl, main by Ashley and Lauren. Besides that, her friend Lili and A.A. Many moral values I have got from this story and if u wanna read this book just get it in Mall or Bookstore...... I'm really really enjoy read this book... =)

What are u waiting for?? Juz get it & Read!

Different People Different Character!


shiema sufian said...

shiema penah tengokkk. tapi malas nak bace :)

Nurul Hidayah said...

owh yer ker....try lar baca cter dy, best tw! menrik sgt, hee =)

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