Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hang Out in Kuantan..

The day I am hang out wif my family went to Kuantan...
(29 Disember 2010)
I want to share my picture that I have snap. 
Enjoy + Fun! :)

.:k.bie n me at E-Coast Mall:.


.:This is Me:.

.:The best part Scenery at Kuantan River:.

.:k.bie & adik:.

.:Behind Kuantan River, Pahang:.

.:My lil sis:.

.:Snap by K.bie:.

.:U look so happy my sis! hee :) :.

.:Dush dush! hee:.

.:What u're thinking about my dear?:.

.:Behind the Tree:.

.:We're together 4 ever:.

.:My family withou mama cause mama do a treatment at YuNam Hair care:.

.:The best shoot from me! huhu:.


.:Gorgeous! Shoot by me:.

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